The back of this photo is labeled "Precept Church 1979." I initially thought it was a denomination I hadn't heard of. However, research shows that Precept, Nebraska is a very, VERY, small "town" in Furnas County. No personal names are written. This was purchased at an antique store and comes with no history.

Research shows that the church in the photo is the Precept, Nebraska Congregational Church built in 1877. Land records show that Samuel Banning and Leonard Williams both owned land surrounding the church. I'm unable, at this time, to determine which plot the church actually sits on. Unfortunately, other than identifying the church, there is little more I can do to identify who may have owned the photo.

Update 30 December 2018: I received an email in late November 2018 from a woman whose mother and grandparents once attended Precept Church. She spoke of the still-standing church that is in "serious disrepair." She also told me of family reunions that take place every other year and that they "often take out-of-state relatives to the Precept Church and Cemetery as so much of the family attended there in the early to mid 1900's." Without hesitation I sent her the photo. It deserves to be with someone it means something to, and I couldn't have asked for a happier ending!

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