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There are many, many reasons for researching and building a family tree. The most common reason is simple curiosity. Many of us belong to families who have left no information about who they were and where they came from. However, there's so much more to learn about your ancestors than just their where and when. They were people with lives and struggles and successes and I believe they all still have stories to tell. Let me take you back in time and tell you their stories. 


Click on the Contact tab above to let me know you're interested in scheduling a free consultation. I'll spend some time finding out what you know or don't know, what you have or don't have, and what your curiosities are. As each client is unique, so will be the time and effort required to reach individual research goals.

Other services offered ~

Document transcription and abstraction

Are you in possession of old family letters, a bible, legal documents, etc.?  These items are often written in a script that hasn't been used in centuries and their verbiage can seem like a foreign language. My trained eyes can decipher and explain your family treasure to you.

Lineage society applications

Genealogical societies, military or war societies and surname societies are just a few examples of societies that require an applicant to precisely detail their qualifications for joining. This requires the assembly of specific documentation and information that a professional genealogist is very familiar with.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are available in $25 increments.


As we are all individuals, so are our genealogies. The questions, curiosities and mysteries we seek to answer, prove or disprove are as unique as we are. We can work together to create a product unique to your situation.

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