Baby Boy

There's a wonderful antique store not far from my home (the same store from "The Black Widow") that I don't visit often enough. I woke up one Friday morning feeling a tug from the store. I knew there were photos waiting for me to find their family. 

The arrangement of the vendors had changed since I was last there, but the vendor in the front as you walk through the door had exactly what I was looking for. Two boxes full of photos, a rack of photos  and several photo albums.

I chose this birth announcement because, well, it's a birth announcement! I knew someone would love to have this back. The 1958 birth meant that the baby boy in the announcement could very well still be alive. Within a few hours, I had located the wife of the boy in the photo, as well as their daughter. I woke up two days later to a lovely message from the very excited adult daughter of the baby boy. This lost treasure is lost no more.



The box at the antique store (where I purchased the announcement) also contained a black and white photo of a young man that was taken in the 1940’s or 50’s. He signed his name “Pink”. Ironically, while researching, I found that the father of the baby in the announcement went by “Pink”. I’ve given this information to the family and they will look for themselves.

This was such a fun (short!) project! Something a bit more than just a photo, but still the same thrill of the chase and results. 

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