Tracing my family history is something I always wanted to do. I wanted to know everything about those who I came from but would never meet. I wanted to investigate the family lore that I would hear the grown ups speak of. Something in me just needed to know all there was to know.


In 1999, I decided to research my family tree and give the results as Christmas gifts. I was instantly hooked! I quickly realized I had a true passion and the ingenuity it takes to research successfully. I held myself to high standards from the beginning. Later, through education, I would learn that the standards and practices I had in place were practices used by professionals. 


I began taking a few clients while my children were still in school. I was a bit leery at first - would I enjoy the mysteries and thrill of the chase for a family that wasn't mine? I quickly learned that I, without question, was just as interested. Not only did I realize I loved it just as much, but I also got the pleasure of seeing the excitement of someone learning about themselves for the first time. 

Today, I research and report my findings to clients full time. I am a proud member of the National Genealogical Society where I have spent the last several years taking courses to further my genealogical knowledge. In June of 2018 I joined a rigorous, twelve month peer review group - ProGen 37! This small group is mentored by two ProGen alumni. My goal is to obtain my *Certified Genealogist designation, for which I am "On The Clock." While this designation is not a requirement for a genealogist, gaining it will show that I practice at the highest of standards.

When not wearing my genealogist cape, I'm a wife, a mom and a daughter. My two sons are both adults which is why I'm able to do this full time. My husband and I have been married nearly twenty six years and life is good. My mother, who is a young eighty six year old, lives with us as well as my baby, Jeff. Jeff is a three year old Pitador who stole my heart with his pitadorableness!

*To review the standards I adhere to, please visit the Board for Certification of Genealogists.


Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society,,, Fold3,, Legacy Family Tree Webinars. 


"...I'm reading the report now. This is precious information that I value. I greatly appreciate all of your efforts and dedication. I will always remember what you did for me and be forever grateful. Many blessings to you."

Dana T.

Corona, California

"Jami did a remarkable job working on my genealogy and family history. I'm (happily) overwhelmed by the amount of information and documentation she gathered and organized. I've heard some stories passed down over the years, but I never knew my great, great grandfather fought for the Union Army in the Civil War. Jami's work will stay with my family for a long time to come, and I highly recommend her to anyone who's interested in their family history."

Dan R.

Springfield, Missouri

"Jami did a fantastic job researching my family name. She discovered so much unknown family history and bridged many gaps in the stories told by family members over the years. She continually updated me on new information she found and emailed me pictures of long lost relatives. I love the binder she put together that included documents and photographs outlining my family history. I would highly recommend Jami if your are looking for a detailed and thorough genealogy report."

Jeremy E.

Corona, California

"Jami rocks all things genealogical!"

Jenny B.

Springfield, Missouri

"Jami does a great job of getting to know her clients and explaining the process. Talking with her brought back so many wonderful memories of my grandparents."

Robin D.

Temescal Valley, California

"Jami is awesome if anyone needs help tracing their roots!"

Susan S.

San Diego, California

"Jami has done more research into my family history than I would've ever thought possible. I had been disconnected with everyone for many years. She even found my half sister Krystle whom I had never met."

Bryan S.


"Jami is passionate about digging up roots and adding to the branches on family trees."

Carolyn F.

Augusta, Georgia

"...this is her calling!!!"

Kim S.

Riverside, California

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